Real-Time Workforce Puts on a Winning Show

Harte Hanks automated intraday activities to maximize service levels and keep clients satisfied.


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Harte Hanks

The Challenge

A high-profile client initiative created immediate demand for Harte Hanks to deploy a cross-skilled staff able to deliver fast, consistent service across multiple channels.

The Solution

Harte Hanks leveraged Intraday Automation to automate intraday activities such as agent training and communications, taking advantage of available time to meet service level demands while protecting profitability and customer experience.

Results far exceeded the client's expectations, and Harte Hanks’ occupancy rate, operational efficiency and profitability have increased in dramatic fashion.

The Results

- Ramped up training to 7,000 agents to manage simultaneous response to global events

- Exceeded customer performance expectations (SLA) by 430%

- Increased occupancy by 8%

- Reduced forecasted average handle time (AHT) by 20%

- Reduced forecasted average wait time by 10%

Harte Hanks put on a winning show, now find out how our solutions can do the same for you.

“With Intraday Automation, we've significantly improved agent performance, service delivery and efficiency by converting idle time into productive training and coaching time.”

Harte Hanks

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