The Right Call for Enhancing Customer Experience

Intradiem enables Sprint to deliver best-in-class customer service by training agents during dips in call volume.


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Customer Service FCR


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The Challenge

Sprint delivers diverse products with a commitment to customer service. With complex customer service operations, Sprint needed to keep its agents up-to-date on the latest offerings without damaging service levels or adding staff.

The Solution

Intradiem automatically delivers vital communications directly to agent desktops when call volume allows and triggers notifications to contact center managers regarding performance measurements.

Intradiem is driving increased agent productivity for Sprint, along with a marked rise in first call resolution and customer satisfaction.

The Results

- Raised J.D. Power quality rating from #3 to #1

- Named most improved U.S. company in customer satisfaction over the last six years

- Improved FCR in Customer Service by 3%

- Improved FCR in Tech Support by 4.5%

- Increased training velocity by 600%

Learn how you can make the right call for your customers and your company with Intraday Automation

“Intradiem was a major cause of our dramatic improvements in FCR and customer satisfaction.”


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