More Training Time Drives More Efficiency

The General upped operational efficiency by 20% to better satisfy its customers, while reducing costs along the way. See how Intraday Automation made it possible.


Agent Productivity


New Hire Ramp-up


Agent Performance


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The General

The Challenge

At The General, limited shrinkage, high occupancy and a manual scheduling process had reduced training efficiency for a service and enterprise staff that was asking for more learning opportunities.

The Solution

The General partnered with Intradiem for an innovative solution to improve the efficiency of their training program. Intradiem monitors ACD statistics and prompts agents to work on off-phone work, such as training, when call volume dips.

Delivering short sessions when call volumes allow fits seamlessly within The General’s high occupancy environment. In addition to training and coaching, The General also uses Intradiem for agents to complete other important tasks such as outbound calls or follow-up documentation.


The Results

- Customer Service recently rated “top tier” (MetricNet)

- Realized first year return on total investment of 104%

- Improved operational efficiencies by 20%

- Increased Agent Productivity by 53%

- Accelerated New Hire Ramp-up by 22%

- Strengthened Agent Performance by 9%

See how our solutions find time to train agents, ensuring efficiency and agent engagement while keeping operational costs in check.

“Our unproductive available time, new hire ramp-up and shrinkage have been dramatically reduced, and operational efficiencies have improved by 20%.”

The General

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