The Challenge

For this healthcare organization, meeting customer needs, keeping employees on track, and dealing with rising business pressures to keep costs low was overwhelming.

Relying on manual processes compounded these issues, due to the dynamic nature of their environment. They needed a way to address and solve these long-standing contact center challenges.

The Solution

By using advanced intraday automation to address these challenges, the WFM team made significant impact quickly. For example, the team set up alerts to notify the agents spending too much time in ACW that they were out of compliance.

In a few short weeks, the average time spent in ACW dramatically reduced. The ripple effect of that real-time adjustment lead to the improvement in availability, occupancy, and handle time.

Sample Use Cases

Manager & Adherence Assistant
▸ ACW Assistant

Value to Date

Reduced Costs
▸ Material gains – increased availability, decreased handle time and shrinkage
▸ Agent adherence improvement and reduced ACW time

Employee Engagement
▸ Improved ESAT
▸ Agent: “Before Intradiem, my adherence was always out of control. Now it’s under control.”

Service Delivery
▸ Consistent service level attainment

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