The Challenge

This large telecommunications company needed a way to significantly reduce costs, while transforming the customer and employee experiences. An environment marked by increasingly complex, manual, and reactive processes made achievement of the vision impossible without innovation.

The Solution

They made the strategic decision to deploy the intraday automation platform, which significantly increased the value delivered by the team. Using the platform, they were able to automate agent development delivery during idle times and use performance management data to send targeted activities.

This telecom also addressed adherence challenges with a personal break assistant, helping agents make it to their breaks on time and lessening the load for manual exception entry for the WFM team. As a result, they experienced a trifecta: cost reduction, employee performance, and employee satisfaction.

Sample Use Cases

Employee Development & Engagement
▸ Employee Development
▸ Team Huddles

Manager & Adherence Assistant
▸ Personal Break Assistant
▸ ACW Assistant

Workforce Management Automation

Value to Date

Reduced Costs
▸ Material gains – increased availability, decreased handle time and shrinkage
▸ Employee Engagement
▸ More effective training and coaching
▸ 11% reduction in time to complete training

Service Delivery
▸ Consistent service level attainment
WFM efficiencies – reduced exception entry by over 500,000 annually

Ready to Join the Automation Movement?

Implement more automation use cases using the platform to achieve increasing levels of cost reduction, employee performance and customer satisfaction gains.