British Multinational Energy Company Manages Remote Agents with Contact Center Automation

The FTSE 250 Energy company deployed automation in their contact centers long before the pandemic shifted the way the world works. When they had most of their agents working within their centers, the call center solution improved operational efficiency and increased the velocity of agent development activities.

The company launched its business contingency plan in March, and as of April 1, they successfully transferred 1,000 agents to a work from home model. Their offshore chat team in India as well as their overflow team in South Africa both went into lockdown, which meant their UK team had to field those inbound inquiries as well. By mid-April, they had more than 7,000 work from home agents.

The rapid move to a work from home model presented new challenges for the company: working from home was new to most agents, and they felt like they were no longer physically part of a team. Team leaders were also virtual. And while customers were generally tolerant, they still had the same expectations of service.

The workforce/resource planning team knew that business continuity and communications were essential and continued to leverage contact center automation to send updates and communications directly to their newly remote agent population.

The team went above and beyond to leverage the solution and ensure the wellbeing of their agents. They delivered a wide range of content within rule tolerances while monitoring center conditions. For example:

  • Screen Breaks
  • Best Practice Home Working Advice
  • Wellbeing Advice to Suppress Loneliness
  • Training
  • Communications
  • Business Updates / Incident Management
  • Customer Updates
  • 1:1 Meetings and Coaching Sessions

Additionally, they leveraged the solution to prompt Team Leaders to check in on available agents and communicate with them online – another great idea for staying connected with their agents.  

“With contact center automation, we delivered 20% more training sessions last week than we had delivered prior to moving agents to a remote workforce. Keeping up with agent development and engagement is critical during these trying times. Automation makes it easier for us to manage agents while working from home.”

 Head of Resource Planning

In order to keep up with service level requirements, they used automation to send overtime offers to agents not already on their shift or those coming to the end of their shift. Team Leaders send instant messages to agents’ screens that are prominently displayed to catch their attention.

These actions help promote healthier KPI’s (e.g. ACW) since it’s more challenging for Team Leaders to virtually manage and help keep up with service level requirements.

With contact center automation, this leading energy company easily manages their work from home agents and delivers activities that keep them engaged and encouraged, all of which leads to more engaged agents, better-improved customer experience, and – by automating manual processes – they reduced operational costs.