3 Steps for Turning Around Morale

Molly Fast, Associate Director, National Sales & Service for Event 360, Inc. shared how she pushed agent morale to the highest levels the company had ever seen.

Event 360 conducted teammate satisfaction surveys and Fast’s newly inherited team ranked lowest on many of the questions such as: the company values the contribution I make, I’m satisfied with the culture of the company and I feel like my opinions and ideas are respected and given consideration.

Fast and several other managers set out to understand why agents felt that way and what they could do to improve morale.


1) Talking Individually with Each Agent

She met with each agent 1:1 to get their insights into why they didn’t feel they were valued. Fast stated that the conversations were long and some were tough but they provided great insight.

Fast inquired about specific examples and asked the agents what they would do to improve those situations. By asking the agents how they would improve the situation she moved them from just venting to being part of the solution.

Fast emphasized that morale cannot only be fixed from the top down, the team has to have ownership of the solution.


2) Highlighting the Importance of Their Work

The conversations uncovered that many agents had burned out due to the repetition of the job. To rejuvenate the agents, Fast highlighted how meaningful their work was and how much impact it made when they raised money for such causes as breast cancer and alzheimer’s. Additionally, Fast and her managers worked to create variety in the team’s workload by providing special project work.


3) Communicating What Changes Will Be Made & Why Others Will Not

After Fast had talked with all of the agents she met with the management team and discussed the feedback. They identified where they could make changes and where they could not. They then met with the agents one-on-one and together as a team to communicate changes along with an explanation of why they could not make some of the changes.

Twelve months have passed since Fast set out to improve morale and now the agents feel their suggestions and feedback are heard and acknowledged. They especially appreciated that management communicates why something cannot be implemented. Fast has found that the agents know that every suggestion cannot be implemented, but feel validated just in knowing every one is heard and considered.


The Takeaway

1) Meet with each agent individually and involve them in the solution.

2) Highlight why the agent’s work is important and find special projects to keep them engaged beyond the day-to-day core job responsibilities.

3) Communicate what the leadership team plans to do to improve morale based on feedback shared including why you cannot implement all suggestions.


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