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Create Great Holiday Communications

With the holidays almost upon us, I thought it would be nice to share some information that I have received about communications over these exciting, but maybe stressful, days.

Stress levels increase during this time of year and it’s important to communicate effectively to maintain healthy relationships with clients, friends, and family.  There is lots of activity, not only in your centers, but also in your personal lives:  vacations, parties, special schedules, last minute promotions, customers needing help, etc…

Start by honing your listening skills.  Listening is an essential ingredient of communications.  It’s not a passive activity, but one that requires mental effort.  Here are a few tips to help you listen more effectively.

  • Focus:  Look at the person speaking and keep your mind on their words and body language.
  • Respect:  Don’t interrupt or judge, even if you think they have nothing important to say.
  • Show Interest:  Nod if you agree with the speaker, or ask clarifying questions if something is unclear.
  • Live & Let Live:  Let those with different opinions than you have their point of view.
  • Be Quiet:  Don’t give advice unless it’s asked for.
  • Ask Questions:  Paraphrase or ask in order to clarify the speaker’s words.

Have a great holiday season.  We’ll be listening!


About the author

John Englund

John is a copywriter at Intradiem. He has a background in print and broadcast journalism and digital marketing with emphasis on technology.

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  • Hi Vicki,

    I think these your tips are definitely things that people can overlook during the holiday season when individuals tend to be a bit more stressed out.

    On a higher level, I think it’s important for companies to communicate/show appreciation for their clients during the holiday season in more creative ways than traditional greeting or ecards.

    At DisclosureNet (the company where I work) our Client Success representatives worked with our marketing team to produce a creative, engaging holiday video for our clients involving 2,031 Postit Notes and a couple of Sharpies. If you want to check the video out, go to

    I think this is just one more way to effectively communicate with clients over the holiday season AND lighten the mood so that stress levels go down!

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