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Customer Community Continues to Create New Value through Innovative Use Cases

In this edition of our Customer Use Case Story Round-up, we’re looking at the innovative ways customers are achieving their cost take out goals with real-time contact center automation.

Top 5 Telecom

4 Second Reduction in Average Handle Time (Telecom)

This top telecommunications company needed a way to achieve a significant cost savings through greater efficiencies and productivity improvements. A complex, manual, and reactive environment made it seemingly impossible to achieve their goal. Real-time automation delivered the solution they needed, and the company was able to reduce average handle time (AHT) by 4 seconds. Overall, the telecom was able to reduce $7M in operating cost.

Top Financial Services Provider

Employee Training Delivery Delivers $19M Savings (Financial Services)

The collapse of the financial services industry forced this top 5 bank to set their cost take out target at an unprecedented level–without negatively impacting the customer or employee experience. The organization decided that automation was the only way they could meet such conflicting goals. Since automating contact center processes, the organization has reduced training delivery time by 46% and increased agent satisfaction. Bottom line result? Over $19M annual savings.

Major Utility Company

Single Use Case Yields Big Benefits (Utility Provider)

This major utility company was looking for a better way to leverage resources in their omni-channel environment. Cost reduction and agent engagement were both top priorities. Little did they know that a single use case would reap tremendous benefits, covering all the bases. After implementing just one real-time automation use case, the company has increased agent engagement and customer satisfaction while achieving an annual savings of $2M.

Major Health Insurer

Helping Agents Stay on Time Helps the Bottom Line (Healthcare Insurance)

This major health insurer saw a significant opportunity to solve a common and costly adherence issue. Automation provided a simple solution for complex problem: keeping agents on time for pre-scheduled events. Once deployed, real-time automation improved adherence by 1%, contributing to a total of $7M in cost savings annually.

Stay tuned for more success stories from our customer community to see how other centers are covering the “three E’s” of customer service: efficiency, employee engagement, and customer experience.



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