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Do You Stay Connected with Customers in a Natural Way?

Companies still jump to surveys and focus groups to find out what their customers need. All they really need to do is to listen and reach out and respond with service when customers need them.

Do you?

Do customers feel like you are filled with people they can talk to? How do you respond when they talk about you on social media, or give your frontline feedback about your business? Learn how Zappos stays connected with customers in a natural and real manner.

No baloney conversations. Real talk from real people.
Twittering is democratic. No baloney. Good “tweets” are short and sweet. There’s no room for any pretense or pomp. Tony (Zappos. com CEO) is a guy who Twitters and he’s glad to have you know him as Tony. So do George and Mary and Sue and all the other folks (“Zapponians”) sending “tweets” about what’s going on in their day. For, Twittering is, plain and simple, about staying in touch with the people in their lives. This naturally includes customers. Wants to Be a Part of Customers’ Lives.
Twittering is a natural extension of how exists and participates in people’s lives. Zappos people are straight-talkers who embrace ten principles to guide how they conduct themselves in business.
1. Deliver WOW through Service
2. Embrace and Drive Change
3. Create Fun and a Little Weirdness
4. Be Adventurous, Creative, Open-Minded
5. Pursue Growth and Learning
6. Build Open and Honest Relationships through Communication
7. Build a Positive Team, Family Spirit
8. Do More with Less
9. Be Passionate and Determined
10. Be Humble

Twittering is a natural part of the “conversation” has with customers, suppliers, and now, many people around the world. Zappos also responds to “tweets” about them when possible. The folks there feel it’s only fitting that they stay in touch and reach out—just as you would if you found a friend who needed to talk to you. Go to http:// to join the party and the conversation.

Millions Follow the Zapponians on Twitter.
Zappos’s growth is fueled by their great products and service. But with Twitter, it goes beyond business to make connections personal. One recent tweet from Tony was “Getting a haircut.” Why would anyone want to follow that? Because the commonality of how we go through our days pulls us all together.

Following Tony on Twitter creates an unexpected bond. People feel like they know him, so of course they want to buy things from his site. Twitter is deepening’s connection beyond their initial fan base of zealot female shoe buyers, helping them to expand (as did) into many other product categories beyond the shoes they originally sold. The company that earned the right with shoes continues to earn the right to expand, in part, by letting people know they’re at the dry cleaner.

Too many companies still jump to surveys and focus groups to find out what their customers need. All they really need to do is reach out. Do you?
• Do customers feel like you are people they can talk to?
• Are you part of their lives in a natural way?
• Do customers rave about how you reach out to them today and handle their service issues?
• Do your decisions for being part of customers’ lives in a natural way earn
you “beloved” status today?


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