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Getting a Positive Company Culture: Learn How to Increase the Value of Your Human Capital

Most western nations are highly advanced industrially and technologically. With industrialization of these countries came mass production and the assembly line. The assembly line replaced the cottage industry where one person would complete an item from beginning to end within his shop.

Now with the assembly line on person knows only a part of the whole product and few know the whole product from beginning to end. Think of a worker on an automobile assembly line. Often this person knows how to add on the door panel for the car as it moves down the line. The worker does not know about the tires, the bumper or the engine, just the door panel.

This type of production has made western nations wealthy but it has come at a cost, the loss of the individual and what the total individual can contribute to the organization.
Call centers are similar to an assembly line production. As large number of calls are queued up and routed to the person in the virtual assembly line with some agents handling only one type of call, over and over and over again.

Is this an efficient system? Absolutely. As the manufacturing assembly line showed us it can be very profitable short term on unit per cost. However, when running an assembly line process you are using only a small fraction of the employee you have hired. The employee has a whole set of skills, talents and abilities that go unused and untapped when the assembly line method is used exclusively.

I encourage a company to get the most from each employee to see what other talents and skills the employees bring to the job. Let them explore other jobs, functions within the call center environment. You are paying them the same rate per hour. So if you use only 10% of their skill set you are potentially missing out on the other 90 percent of value that they bring to the organization.

By exploring and utilizing the whole person that you hired you will produce a better work environment, a happier and more complete workforce and as a result your turnover will decrease. Even though the mass production assembly line produces great efficiencies it becomes boring, routine and employees often get bored and leave creating a high turnover rate in the call center that works against the savings the assembly line process produces.

A balance between the assembly line process and the use of the full person you have hired produces the greatest gains in a call center.


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