An Idle Millennial = An Unhappy Millennial

Remember when ‘chat’ meant talking face to face? Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers likely remember those days, which included eye contact and facial cues. But now the Millennials are ‘large and in charge.’ ‘Chat’ is a whole other animal, and it is one of reasons why seeing an idle Millennial is rare. In fact, their way of interacting adds to the multifaceted environment that exists within contact centers worldwide.

Contact centers – not call centers. Did you catch that? This generation is not obtaining customer service solely by phone. The call center is a contact center, because the channels now include chat, email, Twitter, etc. And the agents? They’re charged with being able to respond – instantly and accurately, regardless of the channel.

How can they stay up to speed with the various channels when the manual processes that currently exist are anything but instant? How do you keep the agents engaged and feeling empowered, while managing the overload of information they need to keep up with the ever changing policies, technologies, and procedures? And finally, how do you keep the attention and interest of the always moving Millennial?

Through automation.

If there is one thing Millennials know – it’s automation. They are addicted – er – accustomed to getting instant access to pretty much anything. An idle Millennial is an unhappy Millennial. With intraday automation, the contact center becomes simplified. Responses are immediate based on need and performance, schedules are updated instantly, breaks are delivered instantly, and training is delivered – yep, you guessed it – instantly. And the Millennial agents? They are actively engaged and moving throughout the day.

Say good-bye to idle time and hello to active engagement. Watch how vacant time instantly converts to productive training or coaching time. By staying active with training and coaching, agents are engaged throughout their workday. Engaged agents yield satisfied agents, and satisfied agents lead to improved customer service. It’s a win, win and win.

Want to create your own win, win and win contact center? We’re here to help you make it happen and #KeepItRealTime.

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Lenore Meeks

Lenore Meeks is a Marketing Database Coordinator at Intradiem and an experienced professional in the research and software industries. Lenore specializes in research and provides assistance with the creation of content. Prior to joining Intradiem, Lenore was an Office Manager at Galaxy Bright Creative, a strategic marketing and branding firm.

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