It’s Not Just Your Forecast Anymore

To earn your stripes in the Workforce Management profession, creating that perfect forecast and schedule made you a hero. But then came multi-channel and customers with smartphones that shifted the entire dynamics of your profession.

In today’s WFM world, it’s just as important to manage intraday processes as it is to start with an accurate forecast and schedule. Meeting service level remains your top priority, but the many nuances of intraday happenings negatively impact your efficiency in making that happen. Sure, you’ve mastered the art of knowing when to call all hands on deck,  you have a team to enter exceptions, and so on. But how much productive time do you and the rest of the team lose while manually making intraday adjustments?

You know, it doesn’t have to be this tedious or time consuming anymore. There’s a growing community of WFM leaders who are transforming the role of workforce management within their organizations and forging new career paths in the process.


Change is hard people. We all know that some folks have a higher tolerance for change and some folks take a little more convincing. That said, transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t try to boil the ocean. Instead, go for some quick wins that your whole team will appreciate. Here are a few success stories from WFM teams that leverage advanced automation in their intraday processes.

  • Reducing After Call Work (ACW) – A WFM team at a healthcare company is using advanced automation to set thresholds and fire off rules to nudge agents to return to call handing if they’ve been in ACW too long.
    The win: 1.9% productivity improvement in 1 month.
  • Ensuring Agents Start Breaks/Lunches on Time – A telecommunications provider’s workforce management team is using advanced automation to set up a “personal break assistant.” This personal break assistant evaluated when agents were close to break time and, if volume was low, sent them to break early.
    The win: The WFM team reduced manual exception entry by 82%. The agents loved it. Now, they get a few more minutes of break time, and they don’t get dinged for adherence exceptions beyond their control.
  • Training Agents During Peak Seasons – For a large retail company, they launched their program just as the busy holiday season started. In the regular world, the WFM team would have preemptively cancelled all scheduled training sessions. In their advanced automation world, training was delivered during available time and did not impact service level.
    The win: Agents completed 7,372 hours of training in the first month.


It’s the automation movement, man. The Forefront tour is for the growing advanced automation community. The WFM professionals and contact center operations folks leading the charge are leveraging innovation and automation to gain significant value for their teams and their companies, and they are sharing their experiences at Forefront.

More dates are being added to the calendar for the rest of the year. Check it out and see when Forefront will be near you.

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