“I Just Heard Your Last Call” – Using Real-Time Agent Monitoring to Motivate

In the early day of call centers, the outsource company I worked for as a supervisor, and later as a manager, was paper driven. Every day we had reps calling to make sales from pieces of paper that they marked as a sale, no answer, no sale, or other codes we devised. These were collected and counted daily and filed away if callbacks were warranted.

Since we weren’t tech savvy, there weren’t any computers for reps or supervisors, and two supervisors shared one desk at the front of a classroom-style phone room. Each supervisor was responsible for driving sales and keeping the team happy. I was lucky to have a great supervisor who shared team duties with me and he also shared his leadership wisdom.

Our live agent monitoring was silent in terms of muting the call on our end but not invisible to the agents. Since our monitoring phone was on the solitary supervisor desk in the front and no cubicles were in the room, it was often the case that a supervisor would pick up the receiver (no headsets), press the monitoring button and look right at the rep being monitored.

It was a challenge making this “in your face” type of monitoring a beneficial and positive time for our reps, but we soon found that the ability to hear live calls was our chance to immediately reward the reps who showed great skills with customers and also those who were making the effort to improve.

We were able to walk over to the reps when we did hear them excel on a call and publicly thank them in front of their peers. The big smile on their face was our reward. And, when we heard someone having a bad calling day, i.e. no sales being made, we would walk over and tell them we knew how hard they were trying and we appreciated their efforts. We would sit with them and make calls as they listened, coaching in real-time instead of waiting for a formal session later.

In our busy, metrics-driven environments, we may miss the opportunity to use live monitoring to motivate and encourage. Many front line leaders spent far too much time in their cubicles instead of walking the center and simply making the agents feel valued.

I love the agent monitoring tools we have today. The recordings are time savers and the advanced technology available to enhance quality coaching is exciting and beneficial for customer experience. There are equally advanced systems for tracking results and offering incentives to reward agent success.

But sometimes, it’s the simple things that our agents would like from us. Monitor live, walk to their desk and tell them, “I just heard your last call. Thank you for creating a great experience for that customer.”

About the author

John Englund

John is a copywriter at Intradiem. He has a background in print and broadcast journalism and digital marketing with emphasis on technology.

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