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Service Culture Check …

At CCNG events, the members talk to each other about key issues in their contact center and customer care operations.  It seems that nearly everything is shared…no secrets and not much is held back.  They truly want to help each other and share ideas for improving customer service…(or maybe misery loves company)

One recurring theme:  Does your contact center function more as the “complaint department” for customers or to provide an opportunity to share the service culture in your organization?  Whether the member is a single small call center operation or a large multi-center / multi-channel contact center…they all wrestle with this issue and want to talk about it with their peers.

Several members recently shared some expertise, best practice ideas to achieve better service while creating more of a service culture and mindset.  All are in agreement that a service experience is an opportunity to engage your customer and show them what your organization service is all about…and how important service is to your organization.

Here are a few of the ideas shared by our members –


One of the best practices from Julie Silbar, VP Hospitality Solutions with Red Lion Hotels Corporation talks about empowerment at all levels.  How to empower your staff, how your customer service team respond to empowerment and support of management to make decisions on behalf of the customer and the benefits that come from this empowerment in creating customer loyalty.  Imagine a customer wanting your service so badly that they will go out of their way to acquire your product offering?

Agent communication

Improving communication with agents is a powerful way to improve your service effort.  Justin Robbins, Manager Training and Guest Experience with Hershey Entertainment & Resorts talks about the importance of the Voice of the Agent.  Giving agents a “voice” in the matter will help set clear objectives and realistic expectations to problem solving in your contact center operation.

Process improvements

Improving human processes for agents is vital to improving customer service.  Raun Kilgo, Director, Call Center Process Improvement at OpenSpan talks about the value of automating agent processes.  Look to automate those steps that do not require human discretion for increased efficiencies and reduce agent fatigue while improving overall service.

Service ROI

Lastly Jesse Jackson, Director Product Support at Real Page talks about building an ROI for improving overall service.  How to get started, the value proposition and presenting to upper management.  It is not easy nor a quick fix…but a valuable process to go through.

All of these best practices can help move you to improving your customer service and see the value of a adopting a service culture.  Ask your team, your management, yourself…in your organization is service a department or a culture and what can we do about it?


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