You are your greatest competition

Once you set out to deliver exceptional customer service, you will quickly find that quite easy to stand apart from competitors in your industry. But standing apart from the competition isn’t the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional service. The goal should be the level of customer engagement that keeps customers working with you time and time again, even when your industry competitors come begging your customers to switch.

You are the one who ultimately decides if your business has done good enough. You know where you’re falling short, and where you need to improve. You can keep your eyes locked in your competitors at all times, but as you do that you sabotage yourself, because while they’re focused doing business their way, you’re focused on their way of doing business.

It’s a bit of paranoia is always normal. You get into your own head and you constantly compare yourself to your competitors. Here’s the thing though, you ARE your own greatest competitor. It’s your mindset – how you see yourself and your business and how you execute on the vision you have for your service – that will determine the direction of your company, and ultimately your success or failure.

When you’ve got your eyes constantly on the competition you lose sight of your own business, so it’s not your closest competitor that’s hurting you – it’s you.

Focus on Constant Improvement

You’re the boss, so constant business growth is up to you. Learn, adapt, grow, and profit. Why aren’t more businesses constantly improving? Well, there are typically three reasons for this…

  1. They’re so focused on their competitors that they forget to grow themselves
  2. They don’t consciously watch for opportunities to improve their business
  3. They live in the past and don’t press for business evolution or cutting-edge resources

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who sort of slip into this hidden complacency; they stagnate and ultimately miss out on tons of opportunities to improve.

Was a customer complaining about a certain aspect of your business? That’s potential to improve. Did an employee voice an opinion on how to streamline the customer service experience more effectively? It could be an area that needs to be explored. Even simple things that can improve workplace moral leave a huge long-term impact, and stands to show you care about the conditions of your workplace.

Innovations: Don’t Be Last to the Party

Just because your competition is doing it doesn’t mean you should do it too. Your customers, not your competitors are the best dictators of which actions are worthwhile and which are not. Don’t cling to cold calling and door-to-door sales if your customers are participating and interacting more online in socially.

When you see a potential innovation, don’t get in your head that it should be instantly dismissed, or that it can’t help your business, because there are lots of ways for you to grow. To believe that things have to be done in “one particular way” is a limiting frame of mind that may have got your business where it is now, but it won’t grow you to the heights where you want it to be.

So your mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy. Either way, it’s your greatest competition. It will cause you to doubt new methods of progress and only follow the competition when it’s “safe” – which will always leave you a step behind… or it will drive you to be unique in your business, to know that standing still is never good enough, and that constant growth is the only true path to business excellence.

Be the innovator in your field, not the follower. Always drive to improve customer satisfaction, client connection, and employee happiness. When you compete with yourself it should only ever be a challenge to become more than you are right now, and to rise to new heights of success.

About the author

John Englund

John is a copywriter at Intradiem. He has a background in print and broadcast journalism and digital marketing with emphasis on technology.

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