Intelligent Assistant Software Shapes the Future of the Contact Center

Intelligent Assistant
Software Shapes the
Future of the Contact

Healthcare Company Improves Productivity and Engagement for Remote Agents

For this U.S. based Fortune 25 Healthcare company, shifting 500 agents to a work-from-home environment was seamless. Their business continuity plan had been in place for three years to account for snow days, power outages, and other natural storms prevalent to the area. Contact center agents had been working from home one day every six weeks and were already set up for success and familiar with the process.  

The workforce management team had Intradiem’s Intelligent Assistant technology fully operationalized in their center for several years. Since the technology works the same way when agents are remote as within the physical walls of the brick and mortar environment, productivity and employee engagement remained a top priority. 

Intradiem’s call center software monitors the changing queue data, agent schedules, assignments – and every single piece of the massive amounts of data generated each second – to make decisions supervisors or managers would make – in real-time. “Having technology that makes business adjustments consistently and in real-time has had a significant impact on our ability to reduce operational cost without sacrificing agent satisfaction or customer experience,” said the Contact Center Vice President. 

Key contact center metrics improved after the move to remote working. Absenteeism dropped by 65 percent because employees were less inclined to call in sick from their home office. The number of off-phone hours also decreased by 42 percent. Employees took less unplanned vacation time, and the workforce team also tightened up any padding that was originally included in schedules.  

The company leveraged the Intelligent Assistant technology to automate additional contact center activities like sending agents to their lunches or breaks to ensure schedule adherence. To preserve company culture, the VP and other senior leaders created short videos, delivered through the Intradiem solution, letting employees know their work and dedication was appreciated.  

Rethinking the Way Things Have Always Been Done 

As the company looks to the future, they plan to use Intradiem’s Intelligent Assistant technology for completing additional off-phone work to continue to drive contact center productivity and increase savings.  

When it comes to training new hires, the old model of 6-weeks in classroom training no longer seems feasible, so the team plans to re-work the content to deliver entirely through the call center automation solution. Doing such allows the company to expand the talent pool to new geographies and even have smaller groups of new hires starting at one time. 

“This is a good opportunity to rethink how we operate and leverage innovation to the fullest potential in order to keep employees engaged, preserve our company culture, and deliver value to the business.”