Intradiem Posts Record Growth In First Quarter

Large organizations continue to trust Intradiem with their Intraday Automation initiatives

ATLANTA, GA (April 4, 2017) – Intradiem, the leading provider of Intraday Automation solutions to contact center, retail and back office workforces, affirmed its continued business expansion with the announcement of record growth in the quarter ending March 31, 2016. Intradiem is now used to manage over 300,000 frontline employees, more than 10 times the number of its nearest competitor.

Big brands continue to trust Intradiem to power their enterprise-wide intraday automation initiatives because of its proven technology, secure platform and enterprise deployment experience. Intradiem’s organizational maturity model, developed from years of experience with global clients, is a key ingredient that helps large companies manage the change associated with intraday automation initiatives.

In addition, the vibrant community of Intradiem customers continues to serve as mentors for new Intradiem clients, helping them succeed with intraday automation. “Our customer community, anchored by some of the world’s largest brands, is touted as a key ingredient contributing to our customers’ success; this vital community is also fuelling the trust for other enterprise organizations to follow suit,” said Matt McConnell, CEO, Intradiem. “It is exciting to watch our seasoned clients come alongside newer Intradiem clients to help them with their intraday automation initiatives. I am not sure I have seen this type of customer community anywhere else.”

Intradiem also boasts the broadest mobile strategy in the market, which is fast-becoming a key ingredient of a complete intraday automation program. With the largest mobile intraday automation installation, Intradiem has developed scalable solutions to support a variety of mobile devices and roles.

“It is no longer enough to staff a frontline workforce to historical customer demand and hope for the best. Adapting to customer demand in real-time is the only way to win and keep customers in the millennial economy,” said McConnell. “Our customers know they need a scalable and secure technology platform and an experienced partner to create a real-time frontline. But, they also realize they need more than just a technology vendor to change the way they manage their workforce. Our customers also value having access to a community of other Intradiem clients that are already succeeding with Intraday Automation initiatives.”

McConnell concluded, “I am humbled by the trust these companies have placed in us. I know that our incredible employees and our amazing community of customers will ensure that they are rewarded for that trust.”

About Intradiem

Intradiem provides Intelligent Automation solutions that help customer service teams boost productivity, enhance employee engagement, and improve the end-customer experience. Our patented AI-powered technology processes the massive quantity of data generated by contact centers and back offices and takes immediate action to support both in-center and remote teams. Customers can count on an investment return of at least 2X in the first year and a 3-5X payback in subsequent years. This year, Intradiem’s customers will save more than $150 million.

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