Workforce Automation to Improve Call Handling

Empower agents to provide more efficient service. Discover how automated call handling pays off.

Get a Handle on Handle Time

Provide great service by ensuring agent time is spent wisely. Reduce average handle time (AHT) and increase savings by using real-time rules to manage talk time, hold time, and time spent in after-call work (ACW) or call consult.


Guaranteed Savings. Guaranteed Results.

Call Handling Use Cases

If an agent spends too much time in after-call work (ACW) or if they’re on a long call, use contact center automation to ask if they need help. If they don’t, remind them to wrap up and return to assisting customers.

Intradiem’s platform reads and monitors agent state data – time spent in talk, hold, ACW, and call consult – all in real-time. If agents exceed the thresholds you set – they receive your custom alerts to ensure call handling is efficient.

All Hands on Deck

Make it easy for workforce management to notify a specific group of employees to begin taking calls when service levels are at risk.

Improve customer experience through proactive outreach.


Technical Assistant

Speed up the process for assisting agents when they experience system issues. Automate the ability to manage and intervene in cases of excessive hold times.

Move Agents through ACW Faster

If an agent spends too much time hiding out in ACW, then trigger a prompt to check if they need help. If they respond “no”, then remind them to wrap up and return to assisting customers.

Calculate Your Workforce Automation Pay Off

How Much Can You Save?

Enter your center's average wage rate (industry average = $17.50/hr)

Solution Overview

Workforce automation pays off through efficiency, employee engagement and customer experience benefits.

Agent Engagement

Improve employee performance, satisfaction, and development.

Adherence & Staffing

Improve efficiency with automation.

Start Real-Time Savings

Power and flexibility to modernize your contact center and create a lasting impact for your business.

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