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Improve Handle Time and Reduce Cost

Agents repeat the same types of tasks when handling customer interactions. These manual tasks increase handle time, driving up your costs. Request a demo of our call center solutions today.

Workflow Assistant Solutions

Intradiem’s attended RPA-style solution drives call handing efficiency for your call center. Whether you need assistance with ensuring compliance or auto-populating data from one system to another, you can reduce handle time during every call – boosting agent engagement and customer satisfaction. 


You can automatically prompt agents to read specific verbiage – scripted to suit to your unique compliance needs. For example – your customers’ geographic location would alert the agent to provide the regulatory information your customer needs to hear. 

Call Flow   

Agents may have to repeatedly input customer data – mailing address and other contact information – that’s already stored in multiple systems. You can auto-populate this data to eliminate repetitive typing and improve handle time.

After Call Notes   

Agents handle many calls that address similar customer issues. The patterns from these calls can be identified and scripted to auto-populate the after call notes for your agent, reducing time in ACW allowing agents to move on and assist your next customer.   

Log in/Log Out 

The process of logging in and out of multiple systems requires more time than necessary. You can automate these processes so agents only need to log in once, triggering the Workflow Assistant to log into the remaining systems, saving time, and allowing agents to assist your customers faster.

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Workforce automation pays off through efficiency, employee engagement and customer experience benefits.

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Optimize in-house and remote agent performance in real-time.

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Must-have technology for remote and in-person contact centers.

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Improve back office productivity.

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Solutions for on-premise and remote contact centers.

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