Insurance Company

Don’t Let Weekends Go To Waste When It Comes To Agent Development

This leading insurance company was juggling how to increase productivity while ensuring agents received the training needed to properly serve their members.

What if you could improve your productivity by helping your Training Team leverage weekend and night hours?

  • Do agents on weekend and nighttime shifts have the same opportunities for training as other agents?
  • Would your Training Team appreciate extra hours for training?
  • Do your agents consider training important to their performance?

Today, with Contact Center RPA, weekend and night hours can be added into the mix of agent development opportunities. Communications and critical updates are delivered during idle time.

As a result, they achieved a 3% gain in productivity by uncovering 3.6 hours per agent per month that was otherwise lost.

And it was easy:

  • High-powered transaction processing of millions of data points identifies real-time opportunities to deliver training
  • When conditions are right, agents can get a break from the phone and increase their skills at the same time, with no impact on service level
  • Service to the members is improved, agents feel more empowered and the business saves money