Financial Services Company

Rapidly Connects Agents With Help At Critical Times Of Need

This financial services company knew agents waited too long for help when it appeared that only one supervisor was available.

What if you could help agents handle customer problems faster? 

  • Do customers like to be on hold?
  • How quickly can supervisors reach agents needing help while customers wait?
  • Does it take a while to identify when a supervisor becomes available?
  • What is the impact on agent and customer satisfaction?

Today, using contact center real-time automation, supervisors are quickly found to fill the gap and deliver help to their frontline. Happy Agents. Happy Customers. 18X investment return.

This contact center RPA use case:

  • Monitors agents who request supervisor assistance
  • Alerts the next available supervisor to assist the agent (and customer)
  • Quickly sends help to frontline, 100% of the time

You can modernize your contact center operations to create a better customer service experience. For everyone.