Leading Learning Management

3.5% Annual Labor Cost Savings From Automating VTO Offers? Leading Learning Management Group Said, Yes Please!

This company came to realize that their manual processes caused them to ignore a subset of agents. And, it happened during the same timeframe each day

What if you could target VTO to a group of users at certain times?

  • Are specialty agent groups ever overlooked when it’s time to deliver VTO?
  • When WFM is focused on the larger agent population, are smaller outlier groups overlooked?
  • What do these missed workforce adjustments cost your business? How does this impact ESAT?

Today, using Intradiem real-time automation, they automate VTO offers for these agents. Doing so at a targeted time uncovered a hidden gem of savings: an increase of VTO hours taken by 3 hours per month per agent.

They simply:

  • Built a rule in their real-time platform for a subset of users
  • Targeted 24/7 real-time monitoring for certain time frames each day
  • Automated the manual WFM process to offer and complete the VTO steps