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Increases VTO Hours Taken By 25%. Also, Gaining A .5% Increase In Occupancy

Missing or Ignoring Chances to Give Time Off is a Thing of the Past.

What if you could help agents improve their work-life balance and also benefit the business?

     • Would your company like to reduce paid staff hours without hurting service level?

     • Do you ever miss chances to give agents time off?

     • How long does it take to process VTO when the opportunity arises?

Today, this telecom uses real-time automation to handle VTO offers, which delights agents and gives an added cost benefit of $272K.

This Includes:

    • 24/7 real-time monitoring which checks for overstaffing 100% of the time

    • Business-designed rules automatically trigger VTO events

    • Reduced manual processes make WFM more efficient