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Reduces Cost Of Overtime. Part-Time Workers To The Rescue!

This Telecom uses real-time automation in a highly innovative way. The results: reduced cost from overtime pay and better employee satisfaction.

What if you could resolve understaffing issues without paying overtime?

  • How quickly can spikes in volume ruin a carefully planned forecast?
  • How costly is overtime pay?
  • What’s the impact on your customers?

With Intradiem, the issue of unexpected high call volume is handled in real time by asking part-time employees (who haven’t exceeded their shift hours) to work overtime. It is a win-win: the 5% lift in extra hours increases occupancy without paying overtime.


  • Specific real-time rules target qualified part-time employees
  • When conditions require the need for more staff, automated overtime offers are sent to this group
  • Part-timers like having a chance to earn more, "It's like having extra hours at my fingertips."