Major Health Insurer

Generates A 1% Adherence Improvement By Helping Agents Stay On Time.

This major health insurer found a simple solution to solve an adherence problem while increasing agent satisfaction. The icing on the cake - $7M annualized savings.

What if agents stopped being “fashionably late” to pre-scheduled events?

  • Are long calls contributing to agent tardiness?
  • Do agents feel stressed when conditions beyond their control cause them to be out of adherence?
  • How much valuable time is wasted processing adherence exceptions?

Today, more agents are consistently maintaining their scheduled adherence because of Intradiem’s real-time automation.

This Includes:

  • 24/7 ACD and WFM monitoring to proactively watch for potential tardiness scenarios
  • Eliminating the need to process high volumes of adherence exceptions
  • Preventing agents from missing or ignoring opportunities to achieve adherence