Customer Service Centers

Prioritize Employees For Better Productivity And Service Quality

By making frontline reps a priority, service organizations can increase their productivity by 19 percent and their intent to leave decreases by 25 percent.*

Stress leads to increased employee absenteeism and turnover rates that can threaten the customer experience and productivity.

  • How do you plan to provide a cohesive experience across channels?
  • How can you keep employee morale up in the contact center?
  • What is the cost of turnover to your business?

Contact center automation improves employee performance, satisfaction, and engagement. Happy employees = happy customers.

  • Deliver training during available time to ensure agents are prepared to handle issues across channels
  • Reward employees with surprise breaks to minimize call fatigue
  • Send Voluntary Time Off (VTO) offers when volume allows
  • Help agents reach performance goals with friendly reminders and drive bottom line results

“I love these little breaks off the phone.” - Rebecca, Member Care Representative, leading Insurance Provider

“I think this is a much needed tool especially on high volume call days!!” - Asha, Member Care Representative, leading Healthcare Provider

*Source: Gartner “Unleashing Rep Productivity in the New Work Environment” (2018)