Use Real-Time Automation To Handle Costly Adherence Issues

Health Insurer Reports 1% Adherence Improvement, Telecom Shaves 4 Seconds from Average Handle Time

What if you could relieve your team from the manual tasks of monitoring and adjusting for adherence?

  • How much time does your workforce management (WFM) team spend on adherence exceptions?
  • What if 100% of adherence exceptions were handled as they occur, rather than after the fact?

Today, with Intradiem, leading contact centers use real-time automation to solve common adherence challenges and improve productivity. Agents appreciate the reminders to stay in compliance.

       How it works:

  • 24/7 monitoring of real-time data points, including agent state
  • Real-time alerts help agents stay on schedule and meet performance goals
  • Productivity improvements lead to millions of dollars in annualized savings for each company and benefit employee satisfaction