Telecom Leader

Improves First Call Resolution (FCR) By 4.5% By Addressing Poor Performance Outliers With Targeted Training

The WFM Team at this Telecom leader became a strategic partner in helping the business identify and isolate training for these outliers.

What if you could customize your training to address specific needs of certain agents?

  • How do you currently identify and target training for poor performers on a specific goal?
  • How proactive are you in delivering training to unique users or groups?
  • Can you quickly and effectively follow up to see if the training was helpful?

Today, using Intradiem real-time automation, agents not meeting specific goals, like FCR, are assigned and delivered highly targeted training content. All without WFM needing to lift a finger. Customers are much happier when their issues are solved in one call.

Automation Outcomes:

  • Agents receive assignments that directly address their weakest skills
  • WFM doesn’t need to manually schedule off-phone training
  • The solution monitors real-time conditions 24/7 and delivers the content when the time is right and best for the business