Top 5 Financial Services Provider
Reduces Training Delivery Time & Saves $19M Annually
Customer Service Centers
Prioritize employees for better productivity & service quality
Improve Efficiency with 78M Automated Actions
Improve Performance and Save $26 Million
Capture 100% of Adherence Exceptions with Real-time Automation
Reduce Labor Cost by 3.5% with Automation
Use Real-Time Automation to Handle Costly Adherence Issues
Top 5 Wireless Provider
Increases training velocity by 600% with real-time delivery
Top Brands
Turn to Automation to Boost Agent Morale & Performance
WFM Leads The Way
Successful Agent Engagement Initiatives
Insurance Company
Don’t Let Weekends Go to Waste When it Comes to Agent Development
Financial Services Company
Rapidly Connects Agents with Help at Critical Times of Need
Leading Telecom
Lifts Occupancy by 5% Without Overtime Costs
Telecom Leader
Improves First Call Resolution (FCR) by 4.5% with Targeted Training
Leading Insurer
Moves 2 Hours per Agent per Month from Shrinkage
Leading Learning Management
Saves 3.5% in Annual Labor Cost by Automating VTO
Leading Telecom
Increases VTO Hours Taken by 25% & Occupancy by .5%
Major Health Insurer
Improves Development & Saves 3.5% in Agent Productivity
Major Health Insurer
Improves Adherence by Helping Agents Stay on Time
Major Gas & Electric Company
Creates Omnichannel Experience & Saves 5% in Labor
Top 5 Telecom
Reduces Handle Time & Saves $7M Annually