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Is the hectic nature of the call center pushing the needs of your agents to the wayside? How do you make your agents a priority without impacting service levels?

Real-time automation delivers a simplified approach to engage and empower your agents while sustaining a competitive advantage. Intradiem recently passed a significant threshold to deliver one billion automated actions per year. The value to our customers is like gaining one billion assistants, enabling them to exceed objectives for training, staffing and productivity goals. Here are a few examples of how Intradiem customers at leading organizations are winning with real-time automation:

Top Financial Service Company Finesses Agent Feedback:

  • The Challenge: The means to gather critical feedback from call agents was too slow and cumbersome.
  • Proven Solution: Intradiem real-time automation delivers surveys directly to agent desktops during downtime.
  • Value-add Benefit: 12% higher response rates; 24% reduction in time to gather critical feedback.

What can you do with a quarter of your time returned to focus on core business needs?

Leading Companies Boost Agent Engagement:

  • The Challenge: Engaging agents in a positive way was time-consuming and difficult.
  • Proven Solution: Intradiem real-time automation delivers surprise breaks and timely training during available time.
  • Value-add Benefit: 24 second reduction in handle time; 90% of agents confirm the solution enables them to do their jobs better.

How could improving agent productivity and morale impact your call center?

Top Wireless Provider Increases Training Velocity:

  • The Challenge: It was impossible to get agents trained on important updates in a timely manner, which significantly impacted customer experience.
  • Proven Solution: Intradiem real-time automation intelligently determines training delivery to agents at the right time.
  • Value-add Benefit: 600% increase in training speed; 97% of agents report the solution enables better productivity.

Happy agents. Improved productivity. Better customer experience outcomes.

Leading Companies Solve Adherence Challenges:

  • The Challenge: Manual monitoring and adjusting adherence exceptions was inefficient and agents were having a difficult time staying on schedule.
  • Proven Solution: With the Intradiem real-time automation, 100% of adherence exceptions are handled real-time and include agent alerts to enable performance goals to be met.
  • Value-add Benefit: 1% adherence improvement; four seconds shaved from average handle time (AHT).

How would a more efficient way to manage adherence benefit your business?

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