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People First

Contact center automation gives customer service teams the freedom to do more

Customer service teams are the heart of a company and its brand.

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We believe that real people—human beings—will always be an important part of customer service.

Technology and AI will make that interaction easier, better, and more efficient–but ultimately human beings want to talk, interact, and connect with other human beings—especially when it comes to solving problems.

We believe in technology, specifically, in service of people—real people—to give them the freedom and flexibility to do their jobs better and with greater satisfaction.

Together, we can make contact centers play a central and strategic role in your company’s success, by delivering substantially improved efficiency, more engaged agents, and a better customer experience.

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Partnering For Success

Customer Success Management

You deserve a rapid return on your automation investment. Our team of experts provides a proven blueprint for success, deep industry knowledge, and best practices throughout your automation journey.

We take pride in our partnerships with customers. We celebrate success when you save money and improve agent engagement.

Our Leadership Team

Meet our senior leaders

These innovators are bound by a revolutionary spirit, and they’re passionate about making a positive, lasting difference in how to better serve customers.

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Join Our Team

We know that having engaged employees is the key to our success. We offer top-notch working conditions and competitive pay, but more than that, we treat everyone as if they are family.

Professional Services

Unleash the Possibilities

We provide in-depth technical analysis to help you understand your ACD, WFM, CRM, Performance Management, and other data sources to accurately design your Intradiem solution to suit your business needs.

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We ensure meticulous oversight and execution during deployment, fully testing each technical integration and customizing business rules to expand possibilities for your organization.

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We make sure your technical platform installation satisfies all security and IT compliance requirements and is continuously reinforced during upgrades, migrations, and maintenance.

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We provide planning and analysis workshops to ensure that business decisions, permissions, and parameters are closely aligned with your business objectives.

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Power and flexibility to modernize your contact center and create a lasting impact for your business.