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Customer support for call center automation innovators

Intradiem support employee with headset on looking at computer with support team in the background

Technical Support

Our trained experts are always available to assist you. Get your questions answered and your problems resolved by calling our Customer Support Representatives at (888) 566-9457, Option #1, Monday-Friday, 7 AM to 7 PM ET (US), and 8 AM to 5 PM GMT (UK).

No matter when you call, your case will be created and handled in accordance with our Service Level Agreement.

Access our online portal 24/7/365 with questions or to view, track, or update your request or communicate with a representative. Simply log in to our  Support Portal.

Review the WebHelp knowledge base featuring all you need to know about automation, the rules engine, driving adoption, and achieving your value proposition. Register or log in to WebHelp.

Learning Resources

Forefront community

Access a community designed to help you achieve success with Intradiem. Connect with members of a growing community of automation professionals representing both Intradiem customers and staff. Ask questions and gain insightful knowledge by sharing best practices and experiences.


We’ll guide you through a review of online training options for each learning group, including administrators, WFM, analysts, L&D professionals, supervisors/managers, and agents. Certifications are available for many of the learning groups.