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Learn how Intradiem's Intelligent Automation solutions help customer service teams maximize productivity and engagement – whether working from home or in the contact center.

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Intradiem Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Its Superior Automation Solutions in the Workforce Engagement and Intelligent Automation Industry

Intradiem solutions dramatically increase customer experience teams’ productivity and decrease companies’ operational challenges.

Call Center Workforce Management Software Helps Remote and In-Person Customer Service Teams

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Your best managers know what decisions to make to improve efficiency and agent engagement, but people can’t process all of your contact center data fast enough.

Intradiem works by processing massive volumes of data and taking immediate action by using real time management in call centers– based on rules you define.

Intelligent automation and contact center workforce management solutions work to improve the bottom line for your team.

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Intradiem identifies time for development and seamlessly guides agents through their shifts using contact center automation tools.

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Slide – Head of Resource Planning, UK Utilities “With everyone at home, agents are more willing to accept VTO offers. They haven’t made the commute. For many, they have more time to help with distance learning and spend time with their kids. For the business - a huge win for cost savings.” Slide “We delivered 20% more training sessions last week than we had delivered prior to moving agents to a remote workforce with workforce automation. Keeping up with agent development and engagement is critical during these trying times.” – Director of WFM, Educational Technology Slide “Our business continuity planning started 3 years ago – with agents working remotely one day a week and also offered as an incentive for top performers. Moving to 100% virtual was seamless as we already had the infrastructure in place with workforce automation.” – Workforce Management Director, Healthcare How Customers Address Remote Workforce Challenges

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