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Solutions for Contact Center Teams

Process time-sensitive call center data in real time and take immediate action

Integrates with ACD, WFM and Other Systems to Support In-Center and Remote Customer Service Teams

Automation finds time for agents to complete coaching and training sessions

  • Streamline Training
    Automation aggregates idle time across the agent population and delivers training directly to agents’ desktops when service level demand allows, and automatically updates the schedule.
  • Facilitate Coaching
    The system automatically prompts coaching sessions during idle time, streamlining contact center workflows and ensuring agents the personal support they need to better serve customers.
  • Strengthen Communications
    The system leverages real-time automation to find appropriate moments during the shift to deliver work updates, system incident communications, or off-phone tasks to agents.
  • Recognize & Reward Agents
    Holistic insight into real-time center conditions allows you to offer agents surprise breaks, celebrate work anniversaries, or deliver other messages to support well-being.

Eliminate manual work and keep labor costs in check

  • Protect the Customer Experience
    Automation uses real-time net staffing data to constantly match agent supply with customer demand, while also reducing overstaffing costs.
  • Monitor Agent Attendance
    When an agent fails to show up for a shift on time, automation notifies the supervisor and updates the schedule automatically.
  • Offer Timely VTO/VOT
    Automation removes the burden of intraday staffing adjustments from WFM managers by monitoring volume and automatically proposing VTO and VOT options for agents.

Save WFM manager time, keep agents on schedule and reduce manual entry

  • Simplify Adherence
    Automation proactively prompts agents into their lunch, break, or end-of-shift before a long call creates an adherence issue. Prioritizing agents’ breaks and personal time is a huge win for agent engagement.
  • Monitor Agent Aux State
    Automation prompts out-of-aux-state agents to return to the appropriate auxiliary state and notifies supervisors for immediate intervention.
  • Identify & Address Outlier Behavior
    Automation addresses outlier behavior immediately with automatically triggered alerts to help keep adherence under control.

Monitor agent-state data and alert agents when pre-set thresholds are exceeded

  • Accelerate After-Call Work (ACW)
    When agents exceed ACW time thresholds, automation automatically offers help or a reminder to resume helping customers.
  • Reduce Customer Hold Time
    Automation monitors caller hold time and prompt agents—in terms you define—to check in with the customer.
  • Analyze Agent State
    Automation monitors agent talk time, hold time and ACW time and aggregates the data to identify patterns that coaches can use to address outlier performance behavior.

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“We have realized millions of dollars in savings by not only taking advantage of offline time but being able to notify agents when certain performance metrics are out of line such as extended ACW, allowing them to spend more time focusing on productive work.”

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