New AI Solution: Burnout & Attrition Indicator

Intradiem’s innovative solution predicts agent burnout weeks in advance and suggests proactive measures to prevent attrition

The problem is chronic, costly, and all too common:

Agent attrition surpasses 70% in some contact centers, and it can cost your organization up to $35,000 to recruit and onboard a single replacement considering recruiting, training, and the lost productivity during the ramp-up period. Constant turnover also undermines the quality and consistency of the customer service you provide.


Agent attrition surpasses 70% in some contact centers


Cost to recruit and onboard a single replacement


Annual replacement cost for 1000-agent team with 40% turnover


How much is
costing you?

Boost Agent Engagement to Reduce Burnout and Attrition

Supervisors and managers must prioritize agent well-being and ensure that their teams remain energized and engaged. Implementing strategies like training, wellness breaks, and offering different schedules will revitalize your employees – and save your business money, hassle and valuable agents.

Tips to Improve Agent Engagement

  • Hold regular 1:1 meetings with Supervisor
  • Invest in ongoing training
  • Encourage skill diversification
  • Offer flexible schedule options
  • Deliver wellness breaks (Thrive Reset)
  • Recognize and reward top performers
  • Offer Voluntary Time Off (VTO) and Voluntary Overtime (VOT)

"Run, don’t walk, to get this solution. By identifying at-risk agents early and taking steps to remediate, companies can focus on serving customers with experienced and happy agents, rather than looking to keep the revolving door of agents moving."

- Robin Gareiss, Metrigy CEO and Principal Analyst

Intradiem leverages the power of AI to:

Draw and connect insights from
systems' data

Supply insights to supervisors in an intuitive and highly visual dashboard

Provide recommendations
for remedial

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