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Purpose-Built for Contact Center Agents and Back Office Employees

Create the foundation for a modern, agile front and back office with Intradiem’s automation platform. Our sophisticated rules engine processes high volumes of contact center and back office data in real-time to optimize your operations. 

Improve efficiencyemployee engagement, and customer experience with in-year payback. Guaranteed. 

“We have realized millions of dollars in savings by not only taking advantage of offline time but being able to notify agents when certain performance metrics are out of line such as extended ACW, allowing them to spend more time focusing on productive work.”

Scott D.
Workforce Operations Manager, Insurance Customer

Automation Platform

Real-Time Awareness

Intradiem’s automation platform integrates with major contact center technology providers (ACD, WFM, LMS, etc.) to create 24/7 real-time awareness of center data and events.

Actionable Intelligence

The power and scalability of the platform monitors and processes more than 50 billion data points annually across the customer base. The powerful rules engine supports all variances within centers – execution filtering to any level (line of business, group, queue, agent, etc.) – creating actionable intelligence.

Immediate Results

The combination of real-time awareness and actionable intelligence creates more than 1 Billion automated actions annually to benefit our customers’ businesses, agents,
and customers.

Calculate Your Pay Off

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Enter your center's average wage rate (industry average = $17.50/hr)

Adherence & Staffing

Improve efficiency with automation.

Agent Engagement

Improve employee performance, satisfaction, and development.

Call Handling

Improve productivity and the customer experience.

Start Real-Time Savings

Power and flexibility to modernize your contact center and create a lasting impact for your business.

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