AI-Powered Technology for the
Contact Center and Back Office

Process and leverage millions of real-time data points to boost operating efficiency, agent engagement, and customer experiences

Contact Center Automation Solutions
Intradiem’s real-time automation helps nearly 300,000 contact center professionals deliver unmatched customer service experiences to end-customers in major sectors including healthcare, insurance, financial services, and others.

Integrates seamlessly with ACD, WFM and other standard contact center technology systems.

Processes time-sensitive data and takes real-time actions based on actual conditions.

Automates core processes done manually by managers, operations, and agents.

Supports both in-center and remote staff to enhance productivity, engagement, and CX.

Connects back-office systems, employee workstations and processes to streamline productivity.

Monitors center-wide activity and provides real-time insights to raise productivity.

What does contact center automation mean for you?



Technology now makes it possible to order products in minutes and receive them in hours.

Now it’s time to make customer service just as fast and easy. Automation is leading the way.



Contact center managers can’t control how operations will unfold today.

But they can control how effectively their teams respond. Automation is the reason why.



Free agents to focus on their human skills to solve customers’ issues.

Free supervisors and managers to focus on supporting and developing those agents. Automation makes it all possible.

team of contact center managers looking up data through contact center automation solutions
Real-Time Data

Driving Next-Level Performance

Automatic call distribution (ACD) and workforce management (WFM) systems produce reams of time-sensitive data. Only Intelligent Automation can process that data in real time and leverage it to drive productivity, agent engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Track Actual Savings As They Occur

Business Impact Reporting

Leverage automation to track and report on contact center savings.

Reduce Handle Time
Discover which use cases drive the most value in reducing overall AHT (ACW, Hold Time, Talk Time).

Decrease Shrinkage Costs
Learn which categories have the most financial impact (task management, breaks, adherence assist).

Improve Occupancy
Understand trends in occupancy improvement actions by category, business unit, and location.

"What's not to like about driving cost savings
and increasing agent engagement?"

–David M., AXA

What can automation do for your workforce?

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