As the market leader, we’ve partnered with enterprise contact centers to form the blueprint for success. We offer the best practices, services and community required to navigate through changes essential to maximizing your investment return.

Professional Services
Success Management
Community & Knowledge
Professional Services
Custom Reports
Development of proprietary reports designed to meet your unique business data requirements.

Project Management
Meticulous oversight and tracking of each project implementation task and team resource ensures your deployment will come in on time, within scope and on budget.

Systems Integration
Expert network and infrastructure design, configuration and integration testing guarantees your technical platform will be installed as committed, meeting all security and IT compliance requirements.

Provider Creation
Integration with third-party systems, such as ACD, WFM, CRM, Performance Management and other channel, operational or analytic data sources enables limitless possibilities in the creation of your rules.

System Solution Design and Implementation
Facilitated planning and analysis workshops are designed to gather user and business decisions, permissions and parameters which serve to lay down the business solution foundation and ignite the creation of intraday automation rules

Success Management

Success Management Consulting Services

Based on best practices and a proven methodology, Success Management is dedicated to ensuring you have a solid roadmap to success and realization of the expected value and return. Built into our process is the goal of creating a self-funding model in the shortest turnaround time possible.

The possibilities with intraday automation are limitless and so is our 360 degree methodology that sets up continuous improvement and support of your growth and maturity in exercising your intraday automation platform and rules engine.


Success Management

Community & Knowledge
Intraday Automation Training
A wide-range of training delivery mechanisms including: virtual instructor-led, self-paced eLearning, library of on-demand tutorials/recorded sessions via IntradiemU (LMS), Spark Online Community, Webhelp resources and Customer Sandbox provide expert instruction, knowledge transfer and on-going collaboration.
Supplemental Training (fee based)
You can choose what’s right for you: in-person public and private classes, virtual Q&A style sessions, or custom content development such as eLearning courses, tip sheets, videos and test evaluations.
Direct Access to Community of Intraday Automation Experts and Peers: Connect with members of a growing community of intraday automation professionals representing WFM, Operations, IT and Learning & Development, empowering each other by sharing best practices, experience and expertise in their fields.

Community Forums

Engage with the Community through a variety of live and online forums such as:

Forefront: A live, in person networking and collaboration event serving to bring together this community of professionals to share knowledge and learn from one another.
Spark: An online collaborative network of intraday automation users and experts providing a centralized forum for questions, industry information, training materials and knowledge transfer.
Join a Community Group: Create or join an existing community group specific to your industry or professional role within the Intraday Automation Community.
Customer Support

Phone Support
Get your questions answered and quickly resolve problems by calling our Customer Support Representatives Monday-Friday, 7 am to 7 pm ET (US) and 8 am to 5 pm in the UK.

After-Hours Support
We are still here for you even when the sun goes down. Regardless of when you call, your case will be created and based on severity level will be handled in accordance with our Service Level Agreement. Our alerting mechanism will automatically alert and log a case based on programmed failed conditions (Dynamic Deliveries, WFM schedules, No User Event Data, Rule Failing, WFM Import, etc.).

Online Support
Don’t ever feel left in the dark! Access our online portal anytime, any day - 24/7/365 - where you can make an inquiry, view and track the status of your request, communicate with a representative and update your inquiry.
Simply login to our Support Portal.

Online Community
Reach out to our online collaborative network of intraday automation users and professionals! We have a rich online community featuring common customer product questions, posts, and articles covering anything and everything you need to know about intraday automation, the rules engine, driving adoption and achieving your value proposition.
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