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Solutions for Workforce Managers

Solve staffing and adherence challenges with contact center automation

Laptop Showing Intradiem automated workforce management
  • $9.4M

    From Improved Training efficiency

  • $1M

    Improved Admin Efficiency

  • $7.7M

    From Increased Agent Productivity

Optimize Contact Center Scheduling and Forecasting

Contact centers have always struggled to maintain peak staff performance capacity on limited budgets. Today a new approach to optimizing the value of live agents and automation working together is making it easier to maintain capacity and even to expand it.

Leveraging its unique, real-time capabilities, Automation for your workforce boosts staff planning flexibility and expands in-call agent support. This creates additional capacity that contact centers can allocate to wherever it will produce the greatest benefit—whether to drive more productivity from existing staff configurations, upgrade agent skills, etc.

How will you leverage your extra capacity?

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Remote or Hybrid Teams? No Problem!

Contact center automation delivers a consistent work experience to your agents no matter where they’re working. It provides the same engagement features and robust, in-call support, making it easy for agents to deliver great customer experiences from their home or in-center workstations.

Contact Center Automation Benefits

  • Dynamically manage intraday scheduling

    Automation streamlines contact center operations by automating intraday scheduling and dynamically leveraging unexpected downtime to provide agents with training, coaching and other required off-phone activities when customer demand is low.

  • Monitor and assist agent activity

    Automation monitors excessive talk and hold times and prompts agents with offers of assistance when preset thresholds are crossed. By identifying and leveraging unexpected moments of opportunity, automation carves out more precious minutes for employees to work strategically rather than reactively.

  • Proactively ensure breaks for agents

    Real-time automation proactively prompts agents into their lunch, break, or end-of-shift before a long call creates an adherence issue.

Intradiem's contact center automation shown on a desktop screen
  • $7.7M

    From Increased Agent Productivity

  • $1M

    Improved Admin Efficiency

Test-Drive Contact Center Automation

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