Archive Author: Annette Franz

Archive Author: Annette Franz

5 Apr

Go and See for Yourself

Annette Franz

I recently came across the Japanese terms genchi genbutsu and genba; they’re both key principles of the Toyota Production System, […]

23 Feb

The Challenges of Employee Retention

Annette Franz

The phrase “employee retention” sends shivers down the spines of some folks. And it ought to. Employee turnover is expensive […]

25 Jan

Ever-Elusive Customer Experience ROI

Annette Franz

When you’re trying to get executive commitment for your employee and customer experience improvement initiatives, what’s the first question they […]

17 Dec

Linking Customer Experience and Partner Success

Annette Franz

Continuing on from last month’s post about partners and their importance to your ecosystem… you need to make sure you […]

15 Oct

Improve the Omnichannel Experience, Reduce Customer Effort

Annette Franz

Customer effort is (or should be) a huge area of concern for customer experience professionals; it’s major point of contention […]

17 Sep

What is Herd Mentality in Your Customer Experience Strategy?

Annette Franz

The Definition of Herd Mentality In business and in life, there’s this crazy notion of the herd mentality. What is […]