Archive Author: Flavio Martins

Archive Author: Flavio Martins

21 Nov

How Effective CRM Improves Call Center Results and Efficiency

Flavio Martins

Customer relationship management (CRM) software has become a staple in a vast number of organizations that have a heavy emphasis […]

13 Aug

Avoiding Customer Service Agent Burnout

Flavio Martins

What You Can Do to Avoid Customer Service Agent Burnout You know the sensation that feels like you’ve hit a […]

11 Jun

Coaching the Customer Service Agent

Flavio Martins

Customer service isn’t for everybody.  Dealing with clients, setting appointments, and most feared of all, cold calling, is for some […]

18 Apr

Re-Thinking How to Incentivize Top Service Talent in the Call Center

Flavio Martins

Customer service in the call center today is a rapidly changing landscape. More and more companies are figuring out that […]

6 Mar

3 Keys to Drive Contact Center Engagement and Exceptional Performance

Flavio Martins

A recent call center study published by Avaya showed that nearly 80% of customers today still prefer to use the […]