Archive Author: Greg Levin

Archive Author: Greg Levin

9 Sep

Measuring Agent Satisfaction: Why E-Sat Should Be a KPI in Your Contact Center

Greg Levin

If you are a contact center director, manager or supervisor, you most likely value your agents. You most likely strive […]

5 Aug

6 Ways to Fully Engage Your Contact Center Agents

Greg Levin

Up until relatively recently, many managers and executives considered the topic of employee engagement to be “soft.” Those that still […]

3 Jun

2020 Vision: A Glimpse Into the Contact Center of the Near Future

Greg Levin

 While at a contact center conference recently, I saw a very odd-looking little man who seemed rather nervous and out […]

1 Apr

3 Key Ways to Tame the Big Data Beast of Contact Center Metrics

Greg Levin

Today’s contact center has the ability to capture a vast and invaluable amount of customer and performance-based data. Sounds awesome, […]

4 Feb

In Pursuit of Super Agents

Greg Levin

Look over at that workstation! It’s a customer service agent handling emails… no, it’s a sales agent handling calls … […]

8 Oct

Put Your Metrics Where Your Mouth Is: Focus on Customer-Centric Measures

Greg Levin

Agents are pivotal in captivating and retaining customers. But they can be so wrapped up in meeting their metric of […]