Archive Author: Jim Tincher

Archive Author: Jim Tincher

2 Nov

Don’t Forget to Map the Employee Journey

Jim Tincher

Last month I led a journey mapping workshop at the ICMI conference. It was a ton of fun, as we […]

7 Jul

How to Build Customer Loyalty

Jim Tincher

Last month I wrote about the importance of metrics.  Metrics drive behavior. You probably know the famous Peter Drucker comment […]

27 Aug

Exemplary Customer Service: It’s All About the Journey

Jim Tincher

“The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer” – Peter Drucker Sometimes, it seems that companies […]

28 Jul

Manual Contact Center Productivity Tools Aren’t Fit for the Modern Era

Jim Tincher

Here’s the story: A health insurance company came up with an innovation for their health savings accounts, allowing account holders […]

26 Mar

Agent Empowerment and the Unhappy Customer

Jim Tincher

What do you do with an unhappy customer? Refunds are the easy way out. They don’t fix the problem. They […]

28 Jan

Remember, Call Center Agents = Your Brand.

Jim Tincher

How’s your brand today? Defining your brand used to be so much easier. In the good old days (for me, […]