Archive Author: Matt McConnell

Archive Author: Matt McConnell

15 Feb

Mission 2022: Invest in Tech to Fortify Employees, Not Replace Them

Matt McConnell

As 2022 advances, I hope we’ll see the pandemic weaken, the economy strengthen and consumers thrive. These past two years […]

5 Oct

Foster Innovation by Prioritizing People

Matt McConnell

I created Intradiem in 1995 to solve what I thought was a fascinating problem: call centers were engaged in a […]

25 Jan

Humans and Technology Intersect at the Future of Customer Service

Matt McConnell

Every few years, a new customer service channel arrives on the scene with claims that this technology will be the […]

18 Nov

Podcast: Exploring the Data Disconnect Facing Contact Centers

Matt McConnell

Contact centers create enormous amounts of real-time data that could be leveraged to drive maximum levels of productivity. Yet, most […]

14 Oct

The Call Centers’ Missing Link Between Insights and Actions

Matt McConnell

Call Centers are sitting on a goldmine of opportunities. Day after day, centers create enormous amounts of real-time data that […]

14 Sep

Intradiem CEO names the age-old customer service problem that’s gotten worse as agents work from home

Matt McConnell

Matt McConnell was recently talking to one of his customers, which he described as a large, well-known bank, about when […]