Archive Tag: agent productivity

Archive Tag: agent productivity

4 Dec

3 Ways to Help Agents Self-Coach

Melissa Kovacevic

One of the key coaching skills I discuss with managers is the difference between “telling” agents and “asking” agents. Most […]

1 Jun

5 Ways to Reduce Agent Attrition with Advanced Intraday Automation

Adrienne Sallerson

Workforce attrition can wreak havoc on any business, and this is especially true for call centers where it continues to […]

5 Apr

Go and See for Yourself

Annette Franz

I recently came across the Japanese terms genchi genbutsu and genba; they’re both key principles of the Toyota Production System, […]

18 Aug

Intraday Automation Making Life Easier in the Contact Center

Kyle Antcliff

As contact center environments have become more complex, strategic business leaders are looking for innovative ways to spend less and […]

28 Jul

Manual Contact Center Productivity Tools Aren’t Fit for the Modern Era

Jim Tincher

Here’s the story: A health insurance company came up with an innovation for their health savings accounts, allowing account holders […]

14 Jul

Are You Selling Your Customer Service Team?

Melissa Kovacevic

Global studies tell us that 78% of customers have not made an intended purchase due to a bad customer service […]