Archive Tag: average handle time

Archive Tag: average handle time

5 Sep

UK Utility: Weathering the Storm with Real-Time Automation

Jennifer Lee

Mother Nature doesn’t adhere to WFM planning processes, and can unleash nasty storms with little warning or time to prepare. […]

29 Sep

Reduce Call Center Costs: Automation Outranks Alternatives

Kyle Antcliff

Balancing the need to reduce call center costs and keep customers happy is tough. However, Workforce Management (WFM) and contact […]

7 Jul

How to Build Customer Loyalty

Jim Tincher

Last month I wrote about the importance of metrics.  Metrics drive behavior. You probably know the famous Peter Drucker comment […]

18 Dec

What Does Customer Service Wait Time Cost You?

Matt McConnell

When it comes to customer service, wait time is downright evil. It’s just ridiculous that we pay companies for their […]

1 Apr

3 Key Ways to Tame the Big Data Beast of Contact Center Metrics

Greg Levin

Today’s contact center has the ability to capture a vast and invaluable amount of customer and performance-based data. Sounds awesome, […]

27 Mar

3 Contact Center Metrics You Should Hide from Your Agents

Jim Rembach

There are metrics generated by your switch or other reporting platforms that you do not want to put in a […]