Archive Tag: call center training

Archive Tag: call center training

5 Sep

UK Utility: Weathering the Storm with Real-Time Automation

Jennifer Lee

Mother Nature doesn’t adhere to WFM planning processes, and can unleash nasty storms with little warning or time to prepare. […]

31 Aug

Are You Showing Sincere Agent Appreciation?

Melissa Kovacevic

We train our agents to thank our customers and show appreciation for their business.  We coach to ensure that they […]

10 May

8 Qualities to Look for in an Intraday Automation Provider

Lori Etheridge

Once considered an emerging technology, new to the scene within the past few years, intraday automation is no longer a […]

6 Feb

4 Ways to Boost Cx and Operational Efficiency with Intraday Automation

Lenore Meeks

Let’s pretend you’re the customer. Like most customers, you’re pretty savvy when it comes to figuring out answers on your […]

14 Jul

Are You Selling Your Customer Service Team?

Melissa Kovacevic

Global studies tell us that 78% of customers have not made an intended purchase due to a bad customer service […]

2 Dec

Why Every Employee Needs Customer Engagement Training

Melissa Kovacevic

One of my favorite customer service quotes is by Karl Albrecht, founder of the Aldi supermarket chain, who wisely said, […]