Archive Tag: coaching

Archive Tag: coaching

3 May

Reduce Call Center Shrinkage with Contact Center Automation

Chelsea Atkinson

Call center shrinkage may seem like a necessary evil by yesterday’s standards. However, technology that works in real-time – contact […]

23 Feb

The Challenges of Employee Retention

Annette Franz

The phrase “employee retention” sends shivers down the spines of some folks. And it ought to. Employee turnover is expensive […]

20 Nov

Storytelling is a Trojan Horse for Customer Experience Learning

Annette Franz

What is storytelling, and why is it an important tool to have in your CX Toolbox? In a post I […]

28 Oct

4 Barriers to a Successful Gamification Program in Your Contact Center

John Wolf

The world is changing and contact centers have to keep up. Generation Y – the “Millennial” generation – has a […]

16 Sep

Is Agent Training On-Board Your CX Train?

Melissa Kovacevic

Whether you call it employee development or skills enhancement, it’s all about training our agents and leaders to be successful with […]

15 Apr

The Contact Center of the Future: Integrated Real-time Coaching

Bob Fletcher

In our ongoing Contact Center of the Future blog series, we’ll like at some key trends and discuss insights that […]