Archive Tag: Culture

Archive Tag: Culture

31 Aug

Are You Showing Sincere Agent Appreciation?

Melissa Kovacevic

We train our agents to thank our customers and show appreciation for their business.  We coach to ensure that they […]

13 Feb

Are You a Manager with Heart?

Melissa Kovacevic

During February we celebrate Valentine’s Day, a holiday focused on making people feel special by telling them and showing them […]

5 Apr

Go and See for Yourself

Annette Franz

I recently came across the Japanese terms genchi genbutsu and genba; they’re both key principles of the Toyota Production System, […]

23 Feb

The Challenges of Employee Retention

Annette Franz

The phrase “employee retention” sends shivers down the spines of some folks. And it ought to. Employee turnover is expensive […]

19 Jun

Where is the CX Inflection Point in Your Customer Engagement?

Annette Franz

There comes a time in every company’s history, present time, or future when it must change or adapt – or […]

12 Mar

Agent Rewards & Recognition that Work – and Won’t Break the Bank

Greg Levin

I recently attended a large conference for contact center professionals where the most common question I heard – after “Who […]