Archive Tag: Customer Experiences

Archive Tag: Customer Experiences

1 Dec

3 Ways to Improve Cx by Seeking the Outside-In Viewpoint

Jeannie Walters

Understanding how to improve the customer experience from the inside out is one thing. Trying to attain the outside-in perspective […]

5 Apr

Go and See for Yourself

Annette Franz

I recently came across the Japanese terms genchi genbutsu and genba; they’re both key principles of the Toyota Production System, […]

4 Jun

Treat Agents as Consultants to Maximize Engagement and Contact Center Performance

Greg Levin

To your customers, the most important C-level position in your company is the CSR. Hopefully your contact center understands just […]

2 Aug

7 Habits of Highly Effective Contact Center Managers

Matt McConnell

The late Stephen Covey wrote one of the most influential business management books of all time. The idea of intentional […]

29 May

The Workforce Management Overstaffing Problem


In an ideal world, contact center workforce management (WFM) solutions would generate accurate forecasts and schedules to identify the exact […]

16 Nov

The Intersection of Customer Effort and First Call Resolution

Matt McConnell

Of all the metrics in a call center, First Call Resolution often has the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, yet […]